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Everyone speaks of safety, everyone knows how to respond in an emergency | Building a strong defense line for safety production, Dima is taking action

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June 2023 is the 22nd "Safety Production Month" in China.


At present, it is a busy period of production and operation, as well as a period of high incidence of safety production accidents. Safety production only has "ongoing time" and no "completion time", and it is necessary to constantly sound the alarm bell and constantly grasp it. Dima strictly implements the main responsibility, regards safety production as a top priority, eliminates careless thinking, overcomes the mentality of slackness and fluke, and effectively implements all requirements of safety production throughout the entire process of safety production and operation.


During the meeting, three opinions were expressed on making every effort to carry out various activities of the "Safety Production Month". Firstly, it is necessary to improve ideological awareness, adhere to proactive actions, and each unit should refine work plans and increase scheduling efforts; Secondly, we need to focus on the theme of the activity, improve the overall effect, and combine the "Safety Production Month" activity with the key work of safety production in our department and unit's responsibility areas; Thirdly, we need to increase publicity efforts, create a strong atmosphere, and carry out various and effective "Safety Production Month" series of promotional activities.


After the meeting, all departments took active action to conduct comprehensive on-site safety hazard investigation and improve the safety environment. Each leader leads a team to conduct safety inspections; The management personnel of each production team conduct daily on-site safety diagnosis; Each team leader shall conduct hazard identification and closed-loop rectification throughout the entire process and position. The company has also established a safety team to carry out comprehensive safety prevention measures from canteen disease prevention, fire accidents, vehicle traffic injuries, electric shock, mechanical accidents, etc., striving to eliminate hidden dangers from the intangible and eliminate risks from the bud, ensuring that the "Safety Production Month" activity achieves tangible results.


Safety production is of utmost importance in all work. Next, Dima will continue to strengthen safety production publicity and education work, carry out various forms of safety production knowledge promotion activities, create a production atmosphere of "everyone speaks safety, everyone is capable of emergency" throughout the company, enhance employees' emergency capabilities, and build a strong safety defense line.

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