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Do not all diesel filter elements turn black and need to be replaced

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The diesel filter element needs to be replaced every 10000 to 20000 kilometers, and it depends on the actual situation. If the color of the filter element is noticeably blackened and there is already a significant blackening, it indicates that the diesel filter element has been severely contaminated by harmful substances and needs to be replaced in a timely manner. It should be noted that when replacing the filter element, the car oil, engine filter, and air filter also need to be replaced.

There are three types of fuel filters: diesel filters, gasoline filters, and natural gas filters. Its function is to filter out harmful particles and water in the engine fuel gas system, to protect the oil pump nozzle, cylinder liner, piston ring, etc., reduce wear, and avoid blockage.

Fuel filter performance characteristics

If the filter is installed in the fuel pipeline, it is called an external filter; On the contrary, an internal filter refers to a filter installed inside the fuel pump and fuel tank. The fuel tank filter or its protective sleeve is usually considered a maintenance free component.

Many imported cars use a Banjo FITting connection for their fuel filters. In order to ensure the reliability of the connection seal, the same sealing gasket must not be used repeatedly. In addition, even if a brand new sealing gasket is used, it is necessary to verify the tightness of the connection after tightening. When the fuel system needs to replace the "O" ring, it is necessary to ensure that the specifications and models of the "O" ring are accurate, and to verify whether the elasticity and hardness of the ring are suitable.

The fuel system without a circuit only has one internal filter (inside the fuel tank). Although this all-in-one pump, filter, and delivery unit are expensive, when fuel delivery is blocked or engine performance is reduced, appropriate maintenance and upkeep must also be carried out in a timely manner. At the same time, it is also necessary to check for faults in all fuel pipelines and for cracks and curls at the hose clamps.

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